Do You Remember “Prop Or Not”?

Do You Remember “Prop Or Not”? by Rory for The Daily Coin

A few years ago the leftist, satanic globalist thought it would be a good idea to point out 200 different websites they had labeled as “propaganda”. The reason this happened wasn’t because these websites were propaganda, of course, it was the exact opposite. These websites were doing actual research and publishing the truth. The “Prop or Not” campaign was such a disaster all the websites listed exploded in readership – all of them. It was such a disaster and since leftist, satanic globalist never learn from their mistakes they added another 500 websites to the original list. The secondary list has since been scrubbed from the internet but it most certainly existed for a short time.

The satanic globalist would serve their causes a lot better if they would simply stop talking. We know that’s not going to happen because they feel compelled to spew their form of hatred as far and as wide as possible.

You can always tell when conservative voices are rising and the leftist, satanic globalist take note – they always attack. The leftist, satanic globalist are so limited in their thoughts they only know and understand about six words – you know the ones – racist, nazi, xenophobe (whatever that is) phobeaphobe, fascist, orange-man-bad, deplorable, racist, nazi – did I mention racist and nazi? These are the go-to words to describe you and I since we actually think, use our our critical thinking skills and engage with one another on far deeper levels than the leftist, satanic globalist and their extremely limited vocabulary will allow. Screaming slurs at other people is not a great form of communication and very rarely is able to convey ideas that change peoples mind.

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Here is the latest attack by the satanic globalist that I feel confident will have thousands upon thousands of people fleeing conventional, communist social media for fresh breathable air.

Notice the snarl on the woman’s face? She looks as if she hasn’t heard or spoken a joyful word in months or, perhaps, years.


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