Problem: Fraud – Reaction: Riots – Solution: Lockdown

Problem: Fraud – Reaction: Riots – Solution: Lockdown by Rory for The Daily Coin

A quick update regarding the situation at-hand. Unfortunately, and I pray that I am wrong, but this is how I see this situation with President Trump playing out. It’s not pretty, it never was for us or about us. Why? Because they hate our guts. They hate that we are alive and in their way – using up “their resources”.

What do you see playing out. Why is corporate media all the sudden refusing to cover news items – like Hunter Biden and now the voter fraud. Do you think this is a giant psy-op intended to create deep unresolvable divide?

If this wasn’t part of the plan all-along why hasn’t anyone done anything about the known problem of hacked voting machines that provide no receipt to the voting public. These people are not stupid they know the score and they know how to rig the game against us.

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