No Surrender! President Trump Should Not Concede—No Matter What

No Surrender! President Trump Should Not Concede—No Matter What by James Kirkpatrick for UNZ Review

The Dem/ Main Stream Media Complex is infuriated that President Donald J. Trump will not concede the 2020 election. This is a Sign of Contradiction that he is doing the right thing. This does not yet mean that Trump won enough votes in key states, as Tucker Carlson has noted, but we also can’t say with confidence that Trump lost [Tucker Carlson Says There’s Not Enough Fraud to Change Election Results, by Jacob Jarvis, Newsweek, November 10, 2020]. And here appears to be solid evidence that there was at least some wrongdoing—far more so than for the Russia Hoax that paralyzed Trump’s Administration for three years. The same neoconservatives who are demanding Trump concede would be insisting the U.S, invade another country to “bring democracy” if we saw its government behaving this way. Ultimately, the entire battle is about who is sovereign in this country—American citizens or the Dem/ MSM complex, including Big Tech oligarchs. They ensured it was not a “free and fair” election, and President Trump should never concede.

Let’s consider the almost hysterical fury from the MSM telling us that President Trump has a duty to admit defeat because Biden “won.”

And there are countless others.

In fact, of course President Trump isn’t doing anything illegal. No one has won or lost. Senate Mitch McConnell may be afraid to defy Trump because he doesn’t want to lose the two Senate seats in Georgia and thus, his status as Majority Leader. But he’s absolutely right when he says that the Electoral College determines the winner and, until that happens, “anyone who is running for office can exhaust concerns” [Mitch McConnell says Electoral College will determine 2020 election, by Lisa Mascaro, Fox6 Milwaukee, November 10, 2020]. The Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore that settled the 2000 election didn’t come to an end until December 12, 2000.Media outlets “declaring” the winner have no legal significance, especially when their projections seem to be based on polls that have proven to be inaccurate [Professional pollsters blew it again in 2020. Why? by Matthew Rozsa, Salon, November 4, 2020].

As of this writing, Arizona, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Georgia are all undecided. North Carolina was just called for Trump (and underwhelming Chamber of Commerce GOP senator Thom Tills managed to win a narrow victory over Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham [Cal Cunningham concedes to Thom Tills in North Carolina Senate race, by Evie Fordham, Fox News, November 10, 2020]). Joe Biden’s lead in Arizona is narrow and shrinking dangerously.

President Trump has a strong legal case in the key state of Pennsylvania, where it appears that the state Supreme Court simply created a new power to count votes that arrived after election day. The U.S. Supreme Court (without Amy Coney Barrett) deadlocked over this, but the Trump campaign will almost certainly take this case to SCOTUS again [Byron York’s Daily Memo: The election lawsuit Trump should win, by Byron York, Washington Examiner, November 10, 2020]. As Senator Ted Cruz has said, there has thus far not been a “comprehensive presentation of evidence” [Ted Cruz: Trump Election Fraud Allegations Will Be Resolved In Court, Not By Persuading You Or Me, by Tim Hains, RealClearPolitics, November 10, 2020]. Republican leaders in Pennsylvania have already called for a recount “in any counties where state law was broken” [Senate Co-Sponsorship Memoranda, Pennsylvania State Senate, November 6, 2020].

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