Of Color Revolutions: Foreign and…Domestic? (The First 72 Hours.)

Of Color Revolutions: Foreign and…Domestic? (The First 72 Hours.) by Brett Redmayne-Titley for UNZ Review

In a further attempt to circumvent the intelligence of the voter, the American media machine has, this past Saturday, Nov 7, 2020, arbitrarily declared Joe Biden president. There are many problems with this report being accurate. The largest problem is that of the media itself.

In declaring Biden the winner, this media ignores very credible accusations of Biden campaign election fraud, substantiated problems with the mail-in ballots, successful legal challenges and, more importantly, that at least three of the states in question will be available to Trump, by state law, to perform a recount. When these recounts do occur, they will likely be under court order and also allow all Republican vote watchers to view the millions of mail-in ballots of which thousands are already in question.

To begin this presentation of the first 72 hours since election night Nov 3, it would serve the voter well to remember: This is same media which first spent more than two years championing, like Biden himself, the utterly debunked Russia Gate allegations and next the Democrat’s very flawed and deliberately tepid Impeachment attempt against incumbent Trump.

More to the point, as of Election Day of this past Tuesday, that media had worked a blanket media censorship of the very credible allegations of a Biden family influence-peddling operation while their candidate was, then, Vice President.

It must be now also be recalled that Biden, during a campaign stop Q&A presser on Oct 25, stated very clearly, that…

“[W]e have put together and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

While his statement may also prove the upcoming need for the 25th Amendment, if it is not an admission of complicity, it is certainly an indictment of the media.

These past seventy-two business hours are already the stuff of American history and a good reason for a journalist to stay up all night to follow and report this ongoing daily history. Unless Trump concedes, this election has many more days to go. This reporter, thus sleep-deprived and objectively irritable, will in the days to come update the proceedings within the body of this series.

To the student of history and American backed Color Revolutions, when MSM divisively anointed Biden far too early as US president- after a two-and-a-half-year quest to do so- their candidate, Joe Biden, became, instead, America’s own Juan Guaido.

It has become apparent that the Trump campaign’s concern about the Dems use of mail-in ballots was justified since all allegations begin here. Trump strategists were expecting this. What was not expected was that the DNC would be so brazenly obvious in using the mail-in ballots to Biden’s advantage.

The chronology of questionable vote counting began in the wee hours of election night morning.

Still barely awake and by then cross-eyed, news hit the screen at approx. 2:30 AM EST that despite the national back and forth of the vote count, suddenly that vote count had been suspended for the night in NV, AZ, MI, Wi, PA, GA and NC. These were the last of the swing states that were still key to any victory. All but two (GA and AZ) are under a democratic governor’s control. This stoppage seemed very strange. Brief research did not reveal a precedent to this, at which time the vote favored Trump in all but AZ and NV.

Interestingly, on that night several hours before every network had already called AZ for Biden with only 75% counted. This early declaration came despite the Trump campaign’s protests and AZ governor, Doug Ducey saying,

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