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Catching My Breath… by Rory for The Daily Coin

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Since 2012 I have had very little time to myself and close to zero days off, outside of Christmas, Thanksgiving and Independence Day. For the most part I have been, dutifully, bringing you the news of the day 7 days a week, even when on “vacation” – whatever that means.

In January 2019 I launched Gospel News Network to bring you the days news from a Christian perspective. That site has grown from 234 people (average) daily to 625 people (average) daily with almost two full months in 2020 left for visitations.

I have decided to take a couple of days off from The Daily Coin to catch my breath and focus on what is truly important in life – my relationship with Jesus Christ, my relationship with my wife and family and simply to stop working 12+ hours a day seven days a week. After almost nine years, plus the same effort I had given to SGTReport for close to two years, I’m a little tired.

This year has been a back-breaker for most of us. I have attempted to re-tool, re-imagine and re-do. The thieving thieves called “big tech” have held my work under lock-and-key since October 2016. Everyday has been an uphill battle simply to make a dime, not coming close to producing a full dollar in any month since the thumb of self-righteousness was introduced just before President Trump was elected.

I’m not complaining, nor am I looking for sympathy – odds are against me receiving either – this is simply to let those that care know what is happening and why the site is not being populated with 60+ articles and dozens upon dozens of tweets being sent out per day. Life is short and I refuse to have my gravestone marked with “Here lies Rory – he died at the office.”

I will continue working on Gospel News Network until such time as my interest in glorifying the devil and his handiwork returns. Odds are, the book my wife has been begging me to write, regarding how I got here – the addiction, the recovery and the early years – will take precedent to a full time return anytime soon. If you want to continue following what I am working on you should follow the work on the platforms we are using. You want regret it, as the ideas I have for the book are a lot different, never been done before and should be quiet entertaining and informative.

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Just so there is no misunderstanding, The Daily Coin is not going to be shutdown, it’s just going to be on hiatus for a minute from all the non-stop news as before. I will continue working on this site, I will continue publishing to this site and I will continue updating all the information as before – it will be on a different scale and it will restart in a couple (few) days from today.

2020 has beat me into the ground. The satanic globalist stealing the election right in front of the world has been a little much for me to take. The people that are suppose to be on our side have proven – way beyond question – they really hate us. The past three days has taken a massive toll on me and I just need to pray a minute and reconnect with Jesus Christ to get my legs back under me.

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Rory Hall, The Daily Coin and Gospel News Network. Beginning in 1987 Rory has written over 1,400 articles and produced more than 500 videos on topics ranging from the precious metals market, economic and monetary policies, preparedness as well as geopolitical events. His articles have been published by Zerohedge, SHTFPlan, Sprott Money, GoldSilver, Gold Seek, SGTReport, and a great many more. Rory was a producer and daily contributor at SGTReport between 2012 and 2014. He has interviewed experts such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Marc Faber, Eric Sprott, Dr. Warren Coates and Peter Schiff, to name but a few. Don't forget to visit The Daily Coin and Gospel News Network to enjoy some of the best economic, precious metals, geopolitical and preparedness news from around the world.