Saint Malachy Prophecy & End of Times in All Religions

Saint Malachy Prophecy & End of Times in All Religions by Martin Armstrong for Armstrong Economics

COMMENT: Dear Marty
Pope Francis is not the last pope Saint Malachy predicted as he shared one Pope office time with Benedict Unique in history). So it is as well very important that in Johns Revelations there is a chapter on the decline of the catholic church. Even more interesting are Marias prophecies in Fatima Portugal 1917 that three small shepherd children received (Sister Lucia revealed everything to the polish Pope).

Maria said that the devil took over governments in the West and the catholic church as well and that God will use Russia and China as the means to punish the pseudo-Christian world. It is shown that the church did not publish it in 1960 even though it was supposed to by Maria. There were some rumors that before the meeting of the Kennedys with Russia in 1963 a diplomativ version was sent to both parties. When Marias warning with the destruction of the Vatican is about to happen the Pope in the Vatican will be tried to be assassinated and lots of Vatican people will be killed. But the Pope can flee maybe… So say a few prophets in the 18th-20th centuries

REPLY: I find your explanation more plausible. I do not factor in prophecies. Changes in religions are indeed part of the model. Turn the economy down and you find major upheavals in religion. To whatever extent our model may align with religion or even astrology, rest assured that neither are inputs into Socrates to make forecasts. So I have found these prophecies of various religions interesting. Even the ancient Egyptians mummified themselves because they too believed in the last judgment and resurrection and they were not really pagans but believed in one God. The other representations were more like saints and not creators. The Greeks also did not see their “gods” as creators – just mischievous superbeings with each in charge of something like Posiden ruled over the sea.

Even the Romans were not really pagans for they too did not see their gods as creators either. They were different concepts that seem to be more of someone in charge of something. We still retain much from ancient times like the Roman goddess Fortuna pictured with a cornucopia in one hand and the rudder of a ship in the other symbolizing she can change your fate whenever she desired.  It was the Greeks who had the three women known as the Fates. Even Zeus could only make a recommendation to them to judge you upon death. So Zeus was not seen as an all-powerful creator.

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