Overlooked Repair Parts That Smart Preppers Stockpile

Overlooked Repair Parts That Smart Preppers Stockpile by: Rich M for Off the Grid News

Once someone starts upon the road of preparedness, it seems never to end. The idea of actually having enough to get through any crisis may be something we all aspire to, but it’s an elusive goal.

There’s really no way of knowing what will be enough, without knowing what sort of disaster we are ultimately going to face. But even if we knew, the number of variables that could affect our survival are mind boggling.

That’s why most serious survivalists work to develop plans that are both flexible and cover as wide a range of possible disasters as possible.

Yet even with that goal, we often miss key things, which could ultimately affect our ability to survive. Often, those key things are rather small, making them easily overlooked.

One of the solutions we commonly use to avoid missing those important things is redundancy. By having more than one thing which can do a critical job, we ensure that we will always have something that we can use. But what if something happens to that critical piece of survival gear? What will we do then?

For example, consider the subject of camping. You go out to get a few days of peace and quiet, and then something goes wrong. A seam in your tent tears; your favorite fire-starter breaks; the fuel leaks out of your camp stove; the drain plug for your boat is missing or it turns out that your water filter got crushed since the last time you used it. Every camping trip seems to have its woes, most often associated with some critical piece of camping equipment.

What makes any of us think that things will be any better in a survival situation, than they are on the typical camping trip? If anything, we’ll probably do worse, as we’ll need the equipment even more and be using it even harder. Oh, and, there won’t be anywhere to go buy a replacement.

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