Q&A WITH LYNETTE ZANG 102220 (Video)


Viewer Submitted Questions:

Ace 1 – what do you think about crypto as a safe Haven?

Leliu 5thElement – . Do we have a Quantum Financial System in place for the GCR?

White Stone – I’d like to know Lynette’s opinion on Ripple? There are many articles about it becoming bigger as a tech vehicle or international money transfers?

Marat Azatian – What do you think might be better to sell first, gold or silver? What might be moredifficult to buy back when the price goes down? Is silver only for barterability? Or payback loan too?

Skoda La Skoda – How does the economy pick up without more lending… paying down debt removes money supply

Linda Adrid – How do you get gold, silver, crypto into the system once we are all digital?

Bob Lazar – How will you use XRP?


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Lynette Zang

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