Why You Should Consider Getting Into Bitcoin Before 2021

Why You Should Consider Getting Into Bitcoin Before 2021 by  for Activist Post

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The August 2020 video You Might Have Missed it, but Blockchain is Now Mainstream warns that while bitcoin and the blockchain on which bitcoin runs may still be off the radar for many Americans, they have quietly gone mainstream. It discusses the Fourth Industrial Revolution based on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. It explains why it’s time to take central banks’ digital currencies seriously now. It says that 15% of Americans now own cryptos – and half of those bought in the first six months of 2020.

Dr. Garrick Hileman warns in The Coming US Digital Dollar (Part 1): What it is, and Why it Matters that the replacement of the US dollar by a centralized digital dollar is now inevitable and imminent – possibly as early as January 1, 2021. Americans who are not prepared for this shift may be left in a precarious position. Yet, many Americans still don’t know that the dollar is in danger. Many Americans are still invested in the stock market – not realizing that no matter how much money they make there, it’s still all in petrodollars that could be replaced in a matter of months.

Digital Dollar | Cashless Society | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW says a digital dollar is inevitable. The video explains that 92% of our currency is already digital through our use of credit cards and apps. It recommends diversifying your net worth by adding bitcoin and holding some physical gold and silver.

The Circle Is Complete: Bank of Japan Joins The Fed and ECB In Preparing Rollout of Digital Currency

Government Digital Currency: Why You Should Be TERRIFIED! explains that once the US digital dollar is introduced, it may no longer be possible to protect your savings. So, the time to consider adding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is now – before the end of this year.

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