Pelosi, Barrett and the False Face of Strength

Pelosi, Barrett and the False Face of Strength Author: Tom Luongo for Gold, Goats and Guns

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Something truly amazing happened this week in American politics. The false narratives of modern feminism collapsed completely as Judge Amy Coney Barrett waltzed through her confirmation hearing.

But to make my point I first have to deal with Speaker of the House Nasty Nancy Pelosi’s appearance on CNN.

While Barrett was dealing with the dementia of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Pelosi finally came face to face with strength in the unlikely form of Wolf Blitzer and lost complete control of his Situation Room.

If you watch this entire sequence carefully you’ll note that Blitzer simply held to his point that she wouldn’t answer, why not pass some stimulus bill now and get something done, even if it’s perfect?

Madame Speaker, you have a chance to alleviate suffering and you’re playing politics.

We know what the answer is, because it would allow President Trump a victory on the eve of an election. We know Pelosi is a pure political animal (and her behavior here truly sinks to that level).

But, that’s not what’s interesting, here.

It is how transparent she is about not automatically being allowed to control the conversation to recite her talking points. She obviously feels entitled to the power of Wolf’s platform.

Going Big, Going Home

And she was not expecting this. When confronted with it she launches a personal attack which fails completely. In politics, the first rule is, “You never attack down.”

Pelosi knows this, that’s why she uses her position as a woman to frame her attacks up against Trump the way she does, playing the girl card whenever she can. But on this issue she can’t attack Trump because Trump said …

And that’s when it all collapsed. This is THE fight of Pelosi’s career, not the impeachment. It is this stimulus bill because she’s held the entire country hostage over it to win an election after displacing and ruining the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

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