Petrodollar To US Digital Dollar In 2021?

Petrodollar To US Digital Dollar In 2021? by  for Activist Post

Many Americans assume that the dollar will remain our currency for the foreseeable future. However, Are You Prepared For Imminent US Digital Dollar? points out that since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the value of US dollar has declined so much that it is worth almost nothing now.

The Coming US Digital Dollar (Part 1): What it is, and Why it Matters by Dr. Garrick Hileman warns that the replacement of the US dollar by a digital dollar is now inevitable and imminent – possibly as early as January 1, 2021. Americans who are not prepared for this shift may be left in a precarious position. Yet, this possibility is still off the radar for most Americans who don’t understand that the dollar is in danger. Many Americans are still invested in the stock market – not realizing that no matter how much money they may make, it’s still all in petrodollars that could be replaced soon.

Government Digital Currency: Why You Should Be TERRIFIED! explains that once the US digital dollar is introduced, it may no longer be possible to protect your savings. So, the time to consider Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is NOW – before the end of this year.

When President Richard Nixon severed the dollar’s final link to gold in 1971 shows that Nixon’s decoupling of the dollar from gold in 1971 had major consequences that will shock most Americans. 1971: The Year That Changed Everything links to the informative site WTF Happened In 1971?.

Endless Wars to Protect Fiat Petrodollar

The dollar became the dominant currency in the global economy soon after World War I. The Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 solidified its position at the top by an agreement that all countries would use only dollars to pay for oil. That was the birth of the “petrodollar”.

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