Nations Get ‘Lockdown Fever’ as Outbreaks Multiply and Vaccine Trials Delayed

Nations Get ‘Lockdown Fever’ as Outbreaks Multiply and Vaccine Trials Delayed BY RICK MORAN for PJ Media

From China to Europe, local and regional outbreaks of the coronavirus are leading to partial or full lockdowns with business closures, mask mandates, and hand wringing by politicians and public health officials.

It doesn’t appear the nations have learned anything in the six months since the pandemic hit Europe. China is the only country that appears to have the right approach.

A small outbreak of the coronavirus in the city Qingdao has resulted in the Communist Chinese government testing all nine million residents. This way, they hope to isolate the problem in as small an area as possible, which would mean the overwhelming majority of residents and businesses can resume normal activities.

Test, test, test…and pin down who else might have been infected with contact tracing. It takes organization — and probably an authoritarian society — to make it work. China’s initial lockdown after the coronavirus was introduced into the population was a “lockdown” in the truest sense of the word. People who got sick were locked up, along with their families and anyone else who might have been exposed. They were guarded 24 hours a day.

It still took a couple of months to bring the infection under control and another couple of months of limited lockdowns and social distancing restrictions to virtually eliminate the threat.

And when a small breakout happens, as it did in Qingdao with 20 new cases, the government shifts into overdrive to test everyone.

It could never be done here, but there’s no denying it worked. Other nations like New Zealand and Vietnam had crash lockdowns for about five weeks, which limited damage to the economy, and then strictly enforced mask mandates and social distancing. They too are now getting back to normal.

So why can’t the U.S. and other Western European countries shake this bug?


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