ObamaGate’s Endless Saga — None Dare Call it Obstruction

ObamaGate’s Endless Saga — None Dare Call it Obstruction Author: Tom Luongo for Gold, Goats and Guns

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Back during the early days of the Democratic primaries I told you that the real story behind the scenes was a three-sided civil war for control of the DNC.

Not quite an equilateral triangle, the two major factions were the Clintons and the Obamas with the Soros-backed squad pushing them both farther and farther left, through the fake Progressivism of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

And with the ascension of Joe Biden as the candidate, triumphing over the inept Hillary-backed challenge from Mini Mike Bloomberg, it was clear that the Obamas won the internal battle.

Hillary eventually bent the knee and endorsed Biden along with everyone else.

After her failure to beat Trump in 2016 it became clear that Obama was the choice by The Davos Crowd to deliver the U.S. into their hands weak, divided, literally on fire and close to irretrievably insane.

In the words of Bush the Lesser, “Mission Accomplished.”

But what’s been sticking in the back of my mind for months was Trump’s tweet from May:

That was the rallying cry from him to repurpose his base’s energy towards the real villain in the RussiaGate story, Obama.

And what’s really clear now with the latest set of releases — specifically Former CIA Director John Brennan’s handwritten notes on a CIA memo — is that Obama directed his people to point all the fingers at Hillary for RussiaGate’s worst abuses while keeping Obama neatly above it all.

Just the amount of this document that has been redacted is itself an affront to the idea of government transparency and a free society.

These people work for us and their activities in this affair, at this stage, have no need to be redacted if they exonerate the President of any wrongdoing and implicate a former President in any.

What this release indicates is that Obama clearly knew what was going on and gave his blessing to it. As Alex and Alex at The Duran put it so well in a recent video, Obama saw the opportunity to take out both Hillary and Trump.

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