Jim Jordan Writes A Pretty Letter to FaKeBook

Jim Jordan Writes A Pretty Letter to FaKeBook by Rory for The Daily Coin

While we are thankful for the window dressing that Rep. Jim Jordan is offering, until Facebook, google, YouTube and Twitter are razed, nothing will change.

“Explain this…” “Explain that…” How about sending a group of heavily armed police to his house right now and arresting him, along with Sundar, Susan and Jack and arrest all of them for sedition? No. Too harsh?

While your letter, Mr Jordan is very forceful it lacks a backbone, it lacks handcuffs, it lacks a lockdown order and until your letter is actually a warrant executed by a police agency with lockdown orders it means nothing – zero – squat.

If you don’t believe nothing will change until these companies are leveled and ever member of the “C” offices is arrested and charged with sedition, explain this…

The people running these companies were funded by the CIA, the same as Osama bin Laden – remember? The same group of criminals that insure the flow of herion, oxycontin and other opioids never slows down. The same group of people that Catherine Austin-Fitts identified years ago as Mr. Global (we call them satanic globalist) and explained it all in her theory of the Red Button.

See also – Black Opium, White Powder and A Red Button

As long as our elected officials, like Jim Jordan, write pretty letters with no handcuffs, nothing will change. Until we employee the same tactics as are being foisted upon us nothing will change.

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