This Is How You Push The World To A Cashless Society

This Is How You Push The World To A Cashless Society by Rory for The Daily Coin

The satanic globalist have schemed up this idea of a cashless society for at least the past two decades. It was in 2009 that an article appeared in Alphaville, a branch of the Financial Times, that explained in order to have a truly ZERO interest rate policy (ZIRP) cash had to be removed from society. In order to create a global NEGATIVE interest rate policy (NIRP) cash had to be removed globally. Well, the satanic globalist finally devised a way of getting the people to hand over their cash without a fuse, without a backlash and smiling the entire time. The “virus” lives on cash for up to four weeks.

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We highlighted an intersting development on Saturday that appeared to go largely unnoticed by the general public, despite its potentiall profound implications for the global economy. The BoJ joined the Fed and the ECB in launching a pilot program to explore the use of a digital currency inspired by bitcoin and its many rivals.

Just one day later, Bloomberg revived concerns about paper money contributing to the spread of COVID-19 by publicizing the findings from a new study suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 can persist on banknotes and coins for weeks. The research appears to be credible: it was conducted by Australia’s top biosecurity laboratory, which published  a report highlighting the risks of paper currency, touch screens and handles like doorknobs.

As the CDC releases revised guidelines claiming that close contact with the infected trumps surfaces and aerosol – or ‘airborne’ – transmission as the primary means of infection, the study from the Australian Center for Disease Preparedness suggested that the virus is actually “extremely robust”, allowing it to survive for up to 28 days on smooth surfaces like glass or the material used to print banknotes.


How convenient.

Let’s not forget these CDC officials stated a few weeks ago the virus would live on surfaces for 3 days, 7 days, 9 days, then the CDC upped the ante to 28 days.

The goal, for some time, has been to get cash out of our hands. They now have the scheme to do so and as the satanic globalist have said themselves they must take advantage of this situation and push for every agenda they have to come to fruition right now. The window to recreate the world and enslave the planet is now open but will be closing in short order.

These findings revive memories of American banks decontaminating banknotes, a practice that was apparently pioneered by Beijing and the PBOC, which aggressively disinfected paper money, while using the pandemic to further push the Chinese people toward relying 100% on electronic payments.

Sadly, these warnings will likely serve a similar purpose in the West, including Europe and the US, as policymakers see a “cashless society” as having many benefits: It would force criminals to rely less on cash and more on digital currencies like bitcoin, while keeping more of the world’s money inside the banking system. Source

Now they have everything in place to push Agenda 2030 forward, built on the back of the communist Chinese model. But, please don’t take my word for it, listen to the satanic globalist tell you in their own words what’s happening right now and how you and your family are on the verge being completely wiped out and then shoved into a hole or a furnace.


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