Does COVID Dominate Your Life? (Video)

Does COVID Dominate Your Life? Video by Dennis Prager for Prager U

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Should a president incite fear or temper fear? The media have their opinion; Dennis has another. He also explains why “Follow the science” is not the same as “follow the scientist” in this latest Fireside Chat. Enjoy!

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0:00 “Ladies And Gentlemen” No More
0:56 Welcome With Dennis & Otto
3:28 A President Should Discourage Fear
5:27 Why Should Covid Fear Dominate?
9:15 “Follow The Science”?
10:43 Depriving Children Of Friends Is Abuse
11:42 Emotions Determining “Truth”
16:50 How The Left Strengthens Dennis
18:42 Dennis’s “Racist” Experience
21:16 Listening To Minority Experiences
23:07 Debating Systemic Racism
26:22 Dennis’s Love For Bulgaria Explained
29:18 Dennis Has Not Allowed Fear To Rule

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