Amazon Rolls Out Hand Scanner, and It’s Already Being Compared to Revelation’s Mark of the Beast

Amazon Rolls Out Hand Scanner, and It’s Already Being Compared to Revelation’s Mark of the Beast from CBN News

Amazon has created a new way for customers to make purchases with just their palm.

The new hand recognition technology called “Amazon One” is currently available in two of its Amazon Go stores located in Seattle, Washington.

By holding their palm above the device, patrons can enter secure areas and pay for items without cash or credit card.

The amount of personal information that the company will receive from the scans is also an important concern with this latest development in cashless payments.

Like fingerprints, every palm is unique and Amazon contends the data will be secured, stored in a special cloud created by Amazon, and that customers can wipe out their Amazon One-related hand data at any time.

The company expects to roll out the system in other Amazon stores in the months ahead including Whole Foods grocery stores, which it owns.

Image Source: (Amazon via AP)

The world’s largest online retailer believes the palm technology could be used for many other types of purchases and transactions like retail stores, stadiums, and office buildings, touting the fact that its process is “touchless” which makes it perfect for avoiding diseases like COVID.

“It’s contactless, which we think customers will appreciate, especially in current times,” says Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of Physical Retail & Technology.

CBN News previously reported that Amazon was working on a way to link credit card information to your palm print. Now it’s a reality. Amazon One appears to be just the latest option in the ever-expanding business of biometric scanning and micro-chip implanting.

Meanwhile, social media users have begun posting their concerns over the recent announcement.

One user tweeted, “Amazon One – a way for people to give away their entire palm print to be stored in a ‘secure’ server where nobody can/ will access that data. what happened to contactless debit/credit cards? what am I missing? why do I feel this is unnecessary?”

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