If the Harris – Biden Radical Left Wins… How To Prepare For What’s Next

If the Harris – Biden Radical Left Wins… How To Prepare For What’s Next by  for Modern Survival Blog

OK Ken. Suppose Biden and the Left wins. And they begin to start passing their draconian and socialist laws. Gun grab. Very high taxes. “Green” laws. (Thinking about what has happened in Virginia). What should we all start doing differently? Anything? If we begin to head seriously towards socialism and all it entails, what will you be doing differently?

We have the GSM coming affecting food production. Probably an economic collapse. Shortages in food and goods. A fixed election (maybe ALL elections going forward)…the list keeps growing. I’m trying to think outside my ‘preparedness’ box. I’ve read a lot of writings by Selco and Jose in Venezuela, but cannot really process that all happening here. But it might. Thoughts?

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The comment above is a great topic for the blog. I’ve addressed it before in various roundabout ways. However a fresh look is a good exercise. Why? Because the scenario is possible. A Biden-Harris victory, be it legitimate or otherwise.

The basic question to consider is, “What should we all start doing differently?” (if anything)

Most important, we must consider the probable changes. Then, determine if and how these changes might affect us personally. Lastly, figure out ways to deal with those (or decide not to).

Fundamental Change

Make no mistake about it. The New (radical) Left is the Democrat party, and in total control. You all probably know much of what they have promised for America. Their enforcement wings have made it very clear. “Fundamental” (Marxist) “change”. And that’s exactly what they’ll bring to America, if they are able.

The absolute worst case scenario would be the Marxists taking the White House and the House of Representatives (Congress AND Senate). Right now, it seems unlikely. Even if they gain the White House, the Senate should hold a Republican majority. The Congress may maintain a Democrat majority.

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