Gold and Silver Clear Low Bar for Good Week (Podcast)

Gold and Silver Clear Low Bar for Good Week Podcast for Sprott Money

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The fourth quarter is finally upon us, and there’s no shortage of uncertainty as 2020 heads into the final months. In this edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up, host Craig Hemke and legendary investor Eric Sprott break down all the gold and silver news you need to prepare for the storm ahead, including:

  • The “real mess” facing the U.S. economy
  • The latest in metals manipulation at the big banks
  • Plus: What Eric will do if the stock market falls 10-15%

“I’ve got to start with what I saw at one in the morning this morning, and that was President Trump and his wife having Covid-19. I don’t know how we all deal with that. I’m no expert on what to think that does down there. It obviously takes him out of action. Maybe it’s not a bad follow-up to that debate, which was so chaotic, it was a joke. Maybe he’ll have a good reason for postponing those, but it just brings us a little bit to reality.”

To hear Eric’s full thoughts on the week’s gold and silver news, listen here:

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