Pray for President Trump: Experiencing “Shortness Of Breath” At Walter Reed

Pray for President Trump: Experiencing “Shortness Of Breath” by Rory for The Daily Coin

I am in casino playing blackjack when a woman sees me wearing President Trump paraphernalia and tells me the President has been rushed to the hospital. I inquired as to the source and, of course, she said TeeVee. I rushed to my computer to find out what was happening.

News of this type should be handled by someone as close to the source as possible. The corporate news media has proven themselves to be far less than honorable and have lost all credibility with us. The only voice on TeeVee worth listening to is Tucker Carlson. Below is his update with Don, Jr from 800pm EST on Friday Oct 2, 2020.

While we respect and trust Zero Hedges’ reporting we do not trust nor respect one of their main sources, NBC.

Below we have a couple of tweets, including one from Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, and that’s what we are using until clearer information from the White House, is made available. We have an excerpt, below the tweets, from Zero Hedge.

We at The Daily Coin ask that each of you pray for President Trump to experience a speedy, full recovery. While a lot of you don’t like him and think he has done a terrible job, he is the only person standing between all of us and the deep state / evil doers / satanic globalist.

by Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge

Update (2100ET): It looks like the race for scoops like what occurred after UK PM Boris Johnson was hospitalized with COVID-19 (he eventually spent a few nights in the ICU during which his condition got pretty dicey, though he was never intubated and put on a ventilator) is effectively playing out again with President Trump.

In the latest hint that Trump’s condition may be more serious than his doctor and his team have let on, NBC News is reporting that the president has developed “shortness of breath” on top of the other symptoms listed earlier by his doctor – including a low grade fever.  Continue Reading / Zero Hedge >>>

We will continue updating this story as necessary, but it sounds like the blow-hards within corporate media are doing what they do best – spreading fear. Low grade fever, precautionary moves because we are talking about the President of the United State and shortness of breath. Yes, it could be the Wuhan bat-batflew stew, but it could also be that he has been running 90mph non-stop 7 days a week for the past, I don’t know, life time. Maybe the pressure of the past month, maybe someone put something in his drink, maybe he just needs to take a day or two off. We just don’t know at this time. What we do know is that prayer is needed, right now, and doesn’t burn communities to the ground nor does it hurt anyone or anything.

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