Are You Missing These Often Overlooked Necessities in Your Bug-Out Bag?

Are You Missing These Often Overlooked Necessities in Your Bug-Out Bag? by Toby Cowern for The Organic Prepper

Most of you are aware Selco and I run a wide range of physical courses and have done so for the last six years now. Ranging from our flagship course down in Croatia, using directly applied lessons from the conflict down there, as well as our Bug-Out Course and our ‘Off-Grid Medical’ Range of courses.

One consistent theme in our courses is encouraging students to bring the equipment they think they need. We don’t issue a kit list per se. We want to give our students the creative space to assess the situation and bring what they think is needed. If students need some guidance, they get that.

Each course we get a huge amount of variety in the equipment carried by our students. And, we begin the courses by having them lay all that equipment out and briefing us on what they bought and why. We will then assess the student’s equipment.

We put together the Often Overlooked series to help you evaluate the equipment in, or NOT in, your Bug-Out Bag.

Often Overlooked 1: Edged Tools

I would estimate a 98% failure rate with this particular item. As in 98% of people will make this mistake, omission or overlook. Edged tools are items such as knives, axes, machetes and other similar tools. These are not the items overlooked.

What we have seen innumerable times is there will be no means to maintain the integrity of the tools. People forget to bring the necessary apparatus to sharpen their edge tools. Only about 2 to 5% pack something to sharpen with. And, typically it’s not a great device, or they have no knowledge on how to actually use it.

I don’t want to add more weight than is necessary in my Bug-Out Bag. I want to keep everything light and lean. Selco and I only work with diamond dust sharpening tools: a diamond dust file and a diamond honing stone. The diamond file I carry comes in a set of 5, although I only choose to carry one.

The diamond honing stone in my bag is the tool I tend to use most often, because, my edge tools rarely get dull. If I do, for example, really wail my axe on something and take a big chunk out of it, then I will need the super heavy duty diamond file I carry in my car.

Don’t let diamond dust scare you. It’s not that expensive. Whatever you choose is up to you. Just make sure you have the means to maintain your essential equipment with you in the field.

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