We Need to Talk About Proteins — The Ronascam, The Vaccines, and Genetic Patents

We Need to Talk About Proteins — The Ronascam, The Vaccines, and Genetic Patents by  for Activist Post

There’s a lot more to this ronascam than we first thought – I did a little digging, to understand the new vaccines, and it became clear that part of the ‘reset’ the UN and WEF have announced is a future dominated by proteins and genetic hybrids.

There are genetically engineered proteins for vaccines, brewed in bioreactors inside cells from insects or bacteria, and there are bioreactors for ‘food’ products, etc., and a whole range of things, including pharmaceuticals. Proteins are also what the ronavax are all about, with some of them even using ‘fake DNA’ to turn our own bodies into bioreactors, churning out the proteins the genetic code instructs us to. Your body is a protein factory. Why pay for a bioreactor and wait months for them to ‘grow’? Injecting the code straight into us saves time and money.

  • The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) vaccines are totally different to any vaccines that have been approved before, and yet they’ve been in development for over twenty years. There have been some genetic treatments made available, so why have no vaccines for humans been licensed?
  • The investors want results, to bring the products to market, and now a global experiment is being proposed.
  • The novel ingredients in the ronavax include DNA plasmids, modified mRNA, lipid nanoparticles, and the adenovirus envelope; but none of these have been licensed for humans before either!
  • The vaccines are plug-and-play ‘therapeutics’, so they are using the same platform each time but with a different genetic insert. They are all much cheaper and quicker to produce than the standard vaccines.
  • Patents for some of these platforms refer to the inclusion of xeno nucleic acid (XNAs), or unnatural amino acids (for instance, to produce mRNA) – these are synthetic analogues of ‘the real thing’. ‘Xeno’ means ‘not found in nature’ or ‘alien’.
  • The ronavax may also contain novel molecular adjuvants – that’s because genetic vaccines (let’s call them ‘genvax’) are said to need a lot of adjuvants, to make you have a strong immune response (pah!) – so instead of just the usual toxins being added (such as alum), more genetic code is added, e.g. for cytokines – this is also a very new and worrying gimmick.
  • The vaccines are part of the field of gene therapy which has managed to bring some treatments to market for serious illnesses such as cancer and diseases caused by missing or defective genes, but not so for the many vaccines, using the same platforms, which have also been designed and tested.
  • All of the platforms have been tested for over twenty years – there’s been a lot of tweaking of methods with some apparent success, but no profit.
  • There have been at least two deaths and a lot of illness and adverse events during trials, most of which are said to be under-reported. During the inquiry into Jesse Gelsinger’s death, for instance, “the FDA and NIH revealed that 691 volunteers in gene-therapy experiments had either died or fallen ill in the seven years before Jesse’s death; only 39 of these incidents had been reported promptly as required.”
  • It’s acknowledged by the experts that there’s a chance of cancer, autoimmune diseases and other problems, but they don’t say what happened to people more than a year or two after clinical trials, because nobody seems to check!
  • Millions of $ have been poured into genvax and other gene therapies, but still nothing has been brought to market – why?
  • Perhaps the ronascam is partly about overcoming the problems with getting genvax to market quickly – the laws arising from the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) have blocked many genetic patents from success over the years, but it seems to be giving up its power to the WHO! Bill Gates seems?? to have tried to influence the CBD about gene drives in 2017. The Nagoya Protocol and the Cartagena Protocol of the CBD are clearly standing in the way of a ‘free and open market’ for genetic products and patents, but the ronascam could enable the WHO to reframe Agenda 21 in favour of biotech.
  • From now on, no matter what, the answer will be: “Because virus!”
  • Ultimately, the ronavax could open the door to more and more genetic patents, involving ‘alien’ life forms, etc., which could lead to the loss of biodiversity.

Crikey, this is going to take a lot of explaining … so keep taking a breather! I’ve written a series of articles, packed full of original sources, most of which are academic, peer-reviewed articles, and are freely available online. I’ll begin here with a short overview of my forthcoming articles about the connection between the ronascam, the vaccines, and the control of genetics.

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