USD, BAIL IN, GOLD AND SILVER Video by Lynette Zang

Stone Ezel – Hello Ms. Zang I’ve come to admire your great knowledge. Will the currency pertain to world currencies revaluing and having a level playing field against the US dollar? Thank you and God Bless your family.
Matt Ruth – Enjoy your videos. Have a question regarding what you said about the government not allowing us to convert gold into usd. What does that do to the gold miners? Silver miners? Does mining become nationalized? What that cause a revolution? Thanks!
Jon-Good information from your SBTV interview! Is a self directed allocated ira in gold and silver a safe bet going forward or are there concerns? Bail in? Confiscation?
Zang Gang
Chris-Which country has the best chance to weather the reset and prosper over next 10 years or so?
Bryan- If you really do need to leave, where would you go?


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Lynette Zang

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