The Parler Pledge

The Parler Pledge by Jeffrey Wernick for Bongino

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By popular account, Benjamin Franklin was asked, after leaving the 1787 Constitutional Convention, “What did we get, Doctor?”

He answered, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

We have kept it for 230 years, and trust in the integrity of our elections has been key. Without confidence that our leaders are legitimately elected, our system will disintegrate.

This year, we’ve already seen months of indefinite lockdowns imposed with questionable authority, as well as the Nation’s purse strings stretched beyond any reasonable standard of prudence. Now, while our Republic is still languishing in this miasma of encroaching statism, there looms another threat: a coordinated information brownout.

A recent Pew Center poll shows that half of voters expect difficulty when voting this year, an expectation that, if realized, will cast doubt on the election results. Many states have scrambled to expand their vote-by-mail programs, sometimes resulting in vague and unfamiliar rules and procedures that many Americans don’t trust. Whether their concerns are justified is debatable, but we have seen major problems this year in places like New Jersey, where a municipal election, held entirely by mail for the first time, was deemed to have been “irreversibly tainted”.

Given the justifiable anxiety over voting integrity, matters won’t be helped when political power brokers try to delegitimize the election results. Nor will they be helped when Facebook, Twitter and YouTube start moderating as they see fit, impairing the free flow of information. By the time we get final election results, we may end up with a president-elect the authority of whom roughly half of Americans won’t respect. That’s a recipe for instability, conflict—perhaps even violence.

We at Parler have no influence over candidates’ strategies. We also can’t predict what will happen when the apparent loser implements his voter-doubt-magnification protocol. What we do know is that there will be a tremendous information deficit created when the technoauthoritarians fire up their content-curation machines to halt the free flow of information, both to and from a population of already restless, locked-down Americans. But this is where there is something that Parler—and anyone else interested in ensuring the free flow of information—can do.

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