The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure (Videos)

The Dollar Cancer and the Gold Cure Videos by Gold and Alternative Investments

In this far reaching interview i speak to Keith Weiner, CEO and Founder of Monetary Metals about fiat currency and why it is bound to fail.

The history of money and credit and the decline of dollar purchasing power

Money versus credit and why you need to understand the current issues
What the implications are for modern society
If people want to take their marbles home what does that look like?
Warren Buffet’s investment into gold.
Do you trust the system as you watch the debt going up exponentially ?
Price measured in dollars? In 1913 $1USD was worth 1500 milligrams of gold and now its roughly 16 milligrams. A 100 to1 drop as measured in gold.
A quick look at the US property prices from 2008 until today and what the current risks could be.
Keith describes “The wealth effect” as like comparing pasteurized processed homogenized cheese food in a spray can as cheese.
Where does the purchasing power comes from amid a speculators market?
Keith has a unique way of unpacking the global economic challenges in an easy to understand and sometimes one that will challenge your current thinking.

Listen to the end as Keith unpacks where we may be heading in todays low interest rate and highly indebted world


Metals about why consuming capital is finite.
Why interest rates have been going down since 1981 and why that will have an end date.
What are the hidden forces of economics in favour of salvation not destruction? Is gold part of the solution?
Is fiat monetary system failing and if so what next?
The difference between a gold bond and a gold BACKED gold bond.
Keith unpacks the history of money and why some things will never change unless the incentives are there


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