People Working at Area 51 Experimenting on Giant Robots For US Military, Claims Ufologist

People Working at Area 51 Experimenting on Giant Robots For US Military, Claims Ufologist by  for Sputnik News

Area 51 is the common name of a highly classified US Air Force Base that was built in the middle of the 20th century. The secrecy surrounding the facility has given birth to many conspiracy theories. According to one, the site is being used to hide UFOs and aliens that have visited the Earth.

People working at Area 51 are “experimenting on giant robots” for the US military, claims Scott C. Waring, a ufologist who is constantly searching for signs of extraterrestrial life. Using Google Earth, which allows users to examine different parts of the planet using satellite images, Waring stumbled upon a structure which he believes is a giant robot “lying down on its back” at Area 51.

In the video, posted on his YouTube channel, Waring showed that the “robot”, which the ufologist claims is 16 metres in height, first appeared in 2006. Using a Google Earth feature that allows users to see how sites change over time, Waring jumped to 2015.

“You could see his legs spread, the shoulders out he’s kind of in a stance where he is ready to fight”, Waring said, commenting on how the bizarre structure looked in 2015.

The ufologist did not elaborate on whether the giant “robot” was man-made or whether it was built by aliens. Waring also claimed that the US Air Force has alien technology and is trying to hide this fact from the world.

“Technology belongs to the world. It doesn’t belong to America, it doesn’t belong to any other country or a person. Knowledge is power and power belongs to the people”, Waring said.

Social media users were left split over Waring’s recent discovery. Many users contended that the structure is simply a building.

“I think what you’re looking at here is a building with shadows sticking out for the legs. It looks like a robot but it’s actually not and if it were really a robot we would be seeing some crazy shadows from it”, wrote one user.

Another netizen wrote: “yea im sure its a giant robot just hanging outside like that for all to see. Lol”.

Others, however, sided with Waring and said that the bizarre structure is a robot.

One user wrote: “They’re getting ready to fight the giants”.

“If i didn’t see this vid with my own eyes I would say nah but there it is lol giant robots at area 51”, admitted another.


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