Asset Crash to WIPE OUT Investors | Michael Pento (Video)

Asset Crash to WIPE OUT Investors | Michael Pento Video by Reluctant Preppers

If the high cost of living is cramping your lifestyle and postponing your retirement plans, despite glowing CPI and stock market numbers from official sources, you’re not alone.

And did you know that investment firms provide the wealthy with very different financial advice and opportunities than what they offer to ordinary people? Most wage earners and professionals dutifully follow the standard “buy-and-hold” advice that mainstream financial planners provide to their middle-class clients. These same financial firms and family offices provide the high-net-worth elite class with an entirely different kind of insight and guidance about what’s coming.

With the Fed’s recently announce ZIRP for years ahead and unlimited printing/debasement of the US Dollar, one highly respected money manager is warning that the propped up stock and bond markets are overripe for a sudden crash that will devastate the finances and futures of most middle-class investors. Michael Pento, founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies returns to Liberty and Finance to set the record straight on what’s really going on, and what we can do about it!

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