You Aren’t Suppose To Know This…

You Aren’t Suppose To Know This…

And you sure-as-hell aren’t suppose to question any of it.

A very, small, really tiny, collection of items just found over the course of a 24 hour period showing the depth of lies, depth of ignorance and tolerance that will

Still believe Twitter and all the other members of the Big 4 Tech Tyrants aren’t censoring voices.

Looks like a Super-Spreader event, you know, like those Trump rallies and Sturgis. Someone, quick, notify the media – oh, wait…

If Ole Joe makes it to the debate what kind of super-secret meds will they pumped into system to keep him going for an hour and a half? Will he make it to the debate or will he some how contract the Wuhan bat-flu stew only to miraculously recover and survive by October 30?

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