Former CNN Host Who Once Ate Human Brains: ‘If They Even TRY to Replace RBG We Burn the Entire F—ing Thing Down’

Former CNN Host Who Once Ate Human Brains: ‘If They Even TRY to Replace RBG We Burn the Entire F—ing Thing Down’ By Cassandra Fairbanks for The Gateway Pundit

TDC Note – The leftist “progressives” are already showing their colors – “burn it down” – you know like the “climate change” induced west coast forest fires and democrat run cities across the country? Yeah, that kind of “burn it down”. If you have a rifle and no ammo, you have a stick. If you have a sidearm and no ammo you have a rock – get more ammo. I am not an advocate of violence, however, well funded, organized and mobilized groups like antifa and black lives don’t matter are most certainly prone to outbreaks of violence. It may be a good idea to be able to counter their actions. They just announced ‘We Burn the Entire F—ing Thing Down’ – their words, not mine. #END

Reza Aslan, the former CNN host who once ate human brains and advocated for assaulting Covington teen Nick Sandmann, has tweeted a threat to “burn the entire f-cking thing down” if Republicans try to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The tweet came soon after news broke that the 87-year-old Justice had passed.

Aslan is currently being sued by eight Covington students who are being represented by Robert Barnes. They are seeking $135,000 in damages from the disgraced former CNN host. The suit also names Ana Navarro, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Maggie Haberman, and Kathy Griffin.

Aslan tweeted a photo of Sandmann last year with the comment, “Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?”

In 2017, Aslan ate human brains during a segment for his show on the Aghori nomads, a fringe, cannibalistic Hindu sect, outside the Hindu holy city of Varanasi. His face was smeared with human ashes and he also drank alcohol from a human skull.

The segment concluded with the nomad throwing feces at Aslan and his crew.

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