WOW! Newt Gingrich Mentions George Soros and Fox Hosts Basically Say ‘Das Ist Verboten’

WOW! Newt Gingrich Mentions George Soros and Fox Hosts Basically Say ‘Das Ist Verboten’ BY STACEY LENNOX for PJ Media

TDC Note – Harris Faulkner, host of the Fox show Outnumbered, is completely dumb-struck and frozen in her tracks as a voice from off screen, which appears to be a democrat half-wit Marie Harf, who shuts down Newt Gingrich. It is an amazing display of live TV captured for the world to see. If you still believe the sociopath / psychopath Soros’ isn’t trying to destroy this country, and has plenty of support, just watch this the end of this short video. # END



Gingrich talked about a well-publicized an often reported initiative funded through Soros organizations and others to elect progressive district attorneys nationwide. He makes the well-known observation that suspects arrested in these cities are often released without bail. Petty crime is not enforced in some of these jurisdictions.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared on Fox News’ Outnumbered yesterday to discuss the unrest in cities across America.  He then made an obvious and well-supported comment about district attorney races nationwide and got a stunning response. Watch:


Melissa Francis was the first to object. Then Marie Harf, one of the dumbest people in public life, cut him off. She is the same person who once suggested that ISIS would stop their wholesale murder in the Middle East and terrorist activities elsewhere if they had jobs. Hosts roundly and correctly mocked Harf on her current network, Fox News, for this ridiculous assertion at the time.

Harf displayed an astounding lack of knowledge regarding Sharia law and fundamental Islam. As Graeme Wood wrote in The Atlantic, in one of their honest reports, Sharia is a complete social system, not merely a religious system. It provides comprehensive economic and social support for adherents. But maybe jobs will fix the problem. Insane.

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