A brief addendum to “this isn’t being priced in” (Video)

A brief addendum to “this isn’t being priced in” Video by Dan Kurz for DK Analytics

I hone-in solely on the rapidly building political instability on the US horizon in this brief effort as an additional dimension to what I’ve already discussed in the political, social, economic, and financial and realms in the preceding video and other publishing efforts, both videos and posts, prior to that one.

In so doing, I am going to hand off this shocking perspective to a constitutional giant, a constitutional scholar of the highest caliber, Mark Levin. Specifically, to Mr. Levin’s Tuesday radio show, i.e., what aired yesterday, on September 15th. Here’s that link: https://westwoodonepodcasts.com/pods/… please choose the 9/15/2020 podcast. It will be near the top.

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Dan Kurz

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