Three Ways to Destroy the World as Planned by a CCP Influencer

Three Ways to Destroy the World as Planned by a CCP Influencer from Jennifer Zeng’s Blog / Jennifer’s World

(Jennifer’s note: This is the English transition of a post of Zhao Shengyu on Weibo. on Sep 12, 2020. He has 3.28 million followers. This post was liked for more than 20K times before it was deleted on the following day. )

In the past, when we were doing military research, there was always a misconception that only by dropping nuclear bombs on the soil of America can we destroy it.

As a matter of fact, if hundreds of nuclear bombs are shot over there, the secondary disasters and so on will completely destroy the entire world. In this sense, it is absolutely not necessary to drop the nuclear bombs on the soil of the US. It is in fact very easy to destroy the world. Here I will give three examples:

  1. Detonate a nuclear submarine fully loaded with nuclear warheads in the Pacific Ocean. This can cause huge waves that are more than 2000 meters high. All areas (on the earth) except the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau will be underwater;

  2. Detonate thousands of nuclear bombs simultaneously in the Himalayas. This can change the Earth’s orbit track, and the earth will take all mankind to the boundless Dark Universe;

  3. Drill a 10,000-meter deep hole in the Sichuan Basin, implant thousands of nuclear bombs, and detonate them simultaneously. This will trigger the collapse of the Earth’s Core and the extinction of mankind all over the world.

Therefore, if Trump is dead set on going against China, not leaving any living space for the yellow and black races, or even intervening in the future war to liberate Taiwan, the ultimate result of his action is the destruction of all mankind.

I admit that this line of thinking is very sinful. However, when we come to the end of the line, this is the final solution. Americans cannot get away with anti-human actions and survive alone. By meddling in China’s affairs, are the Americans prepared to have every single American meet God? ( Jennifer’s note: “Meet God” means die) Trump should think hard and do a good evaluation.

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