Twitter Flags Biden Pics For Child Exploitation

Twitter Flags Biden Pics For Child Exploitation by Jeff Charles for Liberty Nation

The Fourth Estate turns a blind eye to Biden’s behavior.

Here’s a story that the corporate press would rather you didn’t hear. Social media company Twitter has flagged videos of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden acting inappropriately with young girls. While gleefully reporting on every instance in which social media companies take action against President Donald Trump, it remains oddly silent on this particular development.

Twitter Flags Biden Videos

RT reported that C-Span footage showing Biden touching young girls was flagged as “child sexual exploitation” by Twitter. This flag was discovered during an online argument about the former vice president.

During the conversation, Johnny Graz, a progressive activist, argued that Biden should be investigated for sexual assault. To bolster Graz’s argument, another Twitter user attempted to post a video compilation of Biden inappropriately touching young girls during photo ops.

So that user, named Jake Koenig, posted a screenshot displaying Twitter’s message informing him that the post was flagged for “trying to post images of child molestation.” He wrote: “I tried to respond with a video of evidence on how Biden interacts with women and little girls but Twitter flagged me for trying to post images of child molestation hahahahahahhaha. Guess twitter agrees with @jvgrazpic.”

Twitter not only marked the footage as child sexual exploitation but also banned the user’s account until he deleted the post. The video shows Biden touching lawmakers’ daughters and granddaughters. In parts of the footage, he can be seen leaning in close and whispering in their ears.

Biden has been the subject of speculation over his behavior with young girls for years. There are even more videos showing him engaging in this type of behavior, sniffing the hair of young and adult females and placing his hands on their shoulders.

Some women have levied more severe accusations against Biden, claiming he engaged in improper behavior with them. In March, Tara Reade, who served as one of his staffers when he was a senator, publicly accused him of sexually assaulting her in 1993.

Not Worth Coverage?

It appears that the corporate media have decided to give Biden the Obama treatment with this story. If the proverbial shoe were on the other foot, and Twitter had flagged a video featuring Trump in the same manner, there is no doubt that it would be splashed across every left-leaning news site.

In fact, the Fourth Estate has exhibited a remarkable lack of curiosity regarding these types of allegations against Biden, despite its supposed support of the #MeToo movement. But this story only confirms what most already know: The press is intent on getting Biden into the Oval Office, even if it means sacrificing journalistic principles.

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