Radical Leftist, Radical Muslims and Satanic Globalist – Birds of a Feather

Radical Leftist, Radical Muslims and Satanic Globalist – Birds of a Feather by Rory for The Daily Coin

We have watched in horror for the past three months as radical leftist like Antifa and BLM have attacked and burned our cities. We have seen larger cities, like Seattle, literally come under seige as these radicals spread chaos, mayhem and murder from coast to coast.

During the last segment of Tucker Carlson the evening of September 14, 2020, we hear what makes the deep state, the liberal mob and the satanic globalist completely crazy. A muslim woman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a fellow at the Hoover Institute, comes on to explain how radical muslims hate America and want to destroy everything that is America. Oh yeah, she explains the radical left is exactly the same. If you listened to the Dan Bongino Show on September 14, you will begin to see and understand how all of this ties togethers.

It is unclear but it appears that she goes completely off-script from what she was suppose to be discussing. Ms. Ali then goes on to explain how the radical leftist are the exact same as radical muslims and their shared hatred of America and how everything that is America must be destroyed. This is one of those segments that really should be on a loop all across the country. It paints a picture of what we see in a few cities and how it is spreading like a cancer far and wide.

These people hate you, they hate me and, most importantly, they hate everything we hold dear. They want us dead so they can install their radical communist / barbarian policies and wipe America off the map forever.

It would be impossible to suggest strongly enough you watch and share this video with as many people as possible. It is terrifying to hear this codified in the manner in which Ms. Ali explains this. It’s what most of us have known all along, but haven’t been able to quiet put our finger on what we are seeing, hearing and experiencing with these crazy leftist mobs running around the country destroying everything they come in contact with. For me, the picture just became a lot clearer and the game plan is a little easier to understand. Most importantly, another layer has been exposed in our quest to combat this plague.

The segment begins at the 36:24 mark. Of course, it’s Tucker Carlson so the entire show is worth your time.


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