As The Jury Pool Becomes Increasingly Anti-Police

As The Jury Pool Becomes Increasingly Anti-Police by  for Modern Survival Blog

Your future (modern survival) will increasingly demand more personal and home security.

How’s that? Well, think about it… Most of the young, and many middle-age adults have been successfully indoctrinated.

They are sympathetic towards, or in complete alignment with the ideological “woke” way of thinking. They’re convinced that we’re broken — needing “fundamental change” as a society. And (domestic terrorist) groups such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter – aligned with the “new left” democrat party – will lead them to a new (Marxist) utopia.

The notion of “social injustice” is front and center, and is presently HIGHLY PROMOTED via Mainstream Media, Big Tech, the Democrat Party, Professional Sports, and Big Business. You might say that a powerful chunk of their message is essentially anti-police.

With that said, those sympathetic towards all this will be increasingly sitting on jury pools.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Jury Influenced By Indoctrination

Here’s a short story from “Dennis” here on the blog:

Back early in my career, still a patrol officer, my partner and I were on our way to the central jail with a prisoner.

Just as we were entering the downtown area, we passed by a closed business with the front plate glass window shattered and shards laying on the sidewalk, burglar walking towards the rear of the building inside. Cover was close, together we capture the burglar.

Trial comes up, defendant spins a yarn of how he was walking down the street, bothering no one, when officers driving by slam on their brakes, get out of squad car, calls him the n-word, and throw him bodily through the plate glass window, laughing and telling him “now we got you for burglarizing n—er”.

Ended up with a hung jury. One holding out for not guilty. One young, naïve, white female SMU student. Said she just didn’t know who to believe, she had been told so often how police hated black people.

The Jury Ultimately Decides

Their bias (we all have bias) will affect outcomes, even though they’re “supposed to” only look at “the facts”.

Sure, the lawyers on both sides have a jury selection process. But as the jury pool fills with more people having anti-police philosophies and those convinced of “social injustice” — well, what do you think is going to happen?

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