Pelosi’s Choice: Steal the Election or Be Destroyed

Pelosi’s Choice: Steal the Election or Be Destroyed Author: Tom Luongo for Gold, Goats and Guns

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I’ve learned a few things about politics by watching my goats over the years. Herd queens have to be beaten to step aside. They won’t give up status willingly.

I saw this first hand when a vicious challenge ended with a broken horn, humiliation and blood. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a tough old goat who is clearly making her last stand, facing the toughest fight of her political career.

Congress is at a crossroads over a stimulus package before the election. Pelosi has run out of good choices to force the Republicans into another bad deal, which is her trademark move.

Internal squabbling and strategic missteps has her charting a most dangerous path.

The House returns to session today facing an impasse over another stimulus bill which see both sides entrenched in their positions.

Just under two months until the election, however, the big question is, “Who has the leverage?”

Pelosi always fronts that she’s on top of things. She rules House Democrats with an iron fist and somehow always manages to win these confrontations.

But this time may be very different. Why?

This time she has no leverage. This time the Republicans have the upper hand. Even Bloomberg had to admit that the situation is not in Pelosi’s favor, while talking about all of her options.

Among the unlikely events that could now break the deadlock: President Donald Trump changing tack amid alarm about poll numbers, a sudden reversal of economic indicators that have recently trended upward, and Pelosi or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell facing a revolt by their own vulnerable, moderate members.

It isn’t that the economic situation is good. It is that there is simply no justification for continued abject panic over COVID-19 to keep people on the dole.

Public opinion has turned against Pelosi and the Democrats in places where they pushed too hard. People want their lives back and for the looting and rioting to end.

Now they are faced with a stark choice: hope the polls are right and Joe Biden will be president on November 4th or challenge the election if they aren’t.

Neither of those choices leave Pelosi with any option to cave to Senate Republicans, especially as Mitch McConnell gave his people the opportunity to vote for something last week to take back to the voters.

All Chuck Schumer could do is filibuster.

It’s clear Pelosi’s strategy has been to allow destruction in battleground states and blame Trump for it. This was their cover story for forcing the Republicans to bail out failing Blue States whose economies were already in trouble regardless of the COVID-19 lockdowns. States like California and Illinois need massive bail outs to survive.

Hell, California needs a lot more than money at this point.

I was asked last week by Sputnik about this situation and what I thought was happening. I didn’t expect a breakthrough in talks then and I don’t today because both sides have seen beyond this fight to what happens after the people vote on November 3rd.

Pelosi is now the villain in this political psycho-drama and all she’s doing is playing to her base, which is dwindling in real terms.

Once talks break down completely and there is no hope of a deal, Trump will unlock some of the Treasury’s massive $1.57 trillion checking account as emergency spending while campaigning on Pelosi’s heartlessness.

It’s terrible economics but good politics. Pelosi can’t fold because she’ll lose control of the House. An internal struggle for leadership will emerge which she won’t survive, no matter how tough she thinks she still is.

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