LA County’s public health director says what we suspected about the lockdown

LA County’s public health director says what we suspected about the lockdown By Andrea Widburg for American Thinker

A Democrat bureaucrat finally said what we all have known to be the truth: the Wuhan virus limitations that Democrat politicians and bureaucrats have imposed on Americans will go away after the election because that was the plan all along.

As 2019 ended, the Democrats knew that Trump was cruising to re-election.  He’d kept his base because he kept his promises about the wall, trade deals, the military, abortion, and our Second Amendment rights.  Best of all, he’d supercharged the economy with tax and regulation cuts.  The surging economy enticed other Americans who had not voted for Trump in 2016 to contemplate voting for him in 2020.

The Democrats’ troubles continued in 2020.  In January, their impeachment imploded.  Worst of all, the Democrat primary candidates did not excite the base.  The only passion was for a spittle-flecked, wild-haired old communist, and the Democrats knew that, even in 2020, nominating a communist was a bridge too far.  The Wuhan virus was an extraordinary and unlooked-for blessing for the Democrats because they used it to destroy Trump’s economy.

Right now, some might say, “That’s harsh.  The Democrats have been trying to save lives.  It’s worked out well for them that their efforts wrecked the economy, but that doesn’t mean that they deliberately manipulated the economy, destroying thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands, even millions, of lives, only to win the election.”

Sorry, but it’s true.

Rather than recite the history of America’s politics before the Wuhan virus struck, we’ll have Saturday Night Live do it.  Some of you may recall that, in early 2017, SNL did a funny sketch about a team of scientists, led by Scarlett Johansson, who hooked up a dog to a contraption that translated its thoughts.  To everyone’s horror, the dog was a Trump-supporter:

The sketch was popular among conservatives.  What passed almost unnoticed, perhaps because of all the impeachment craziness, was that SNL did a follow-up sketch in December 2019.  Once again, Max, the Trump-supporting dog, had his say.  The second sketch wasn’t as well written as the first one, and, as someone commented to me, the actors seemed deflated.  However, the sketch’s value lies in the fact that the points Max made reflect what Democrats feared most heading into 2020:

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