Announcing The 2020 Peak Prosperity Digital Seminar: Oct 24-25

Announcing The 2020 Peak Prosperity Digital Seminar: Oct 24-25 by Adam Taggart for Peak Prosperity

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Theme: How to prosper in the post-covid future

The world was on shaky footing before coronavirus pandemic erupted and truly upended things.

But now that covid-19 is here and accelerating/exacerbating the failure of many of today’s unsustainable trends in our economy, energy systems and environment, how can we protect our loved ones and our wealth? And is there a way to prosper through the coming disruption?

To answer those critical questions, Peak Prosperity is bringing together more expert minds than it ever has before in this year’s seminar — which is being held digitally over Zoom due to covid.

We’ve created a 2-day event offering dozens of presentations and live Q&A sessions with the smartest thinkers we know on how to protect your money, your home, your health and your community in the post-covid era.

Speakers so far include:

  • Chris Martenson — The defining trends of the next decade AND everything you need to know about preventing & treating the virus
  • Mike Maloney — The approaching great monetary reset
  • Grant Williams, John Rubino & Wolf Richter — Covid’s impact on the 2021 economy
  • Danielle DiMartino-Booth & Axel Merk — The Fed: the elephant in the room
  • Sven Henrich — Where the markets are headed, technically speaking
  • Jeff Clark, Craig Wichner, Russ Gray & Robert Helms — Investing in hard assets (gold, farmland & real estate)
  • Joel Skousen — The key factors to consider when relocating
  • Joel Salatin & Singing Frogs Farm — How to produce healthy food sustainably
  • Joe Stumpf — Living a truly Resilient Life
  • plus additional experts on personal investing, home energy, personal safety & home security, emergency preparation, nutrition, building social & emotional capital, and other topics key to developing a fully resilient lifestyle

When you register, you’ll receive full access to the live Zoom event on Oct 24-25th, as well as replay videos of every presentation to watch and re-watch after the seminar is over. Plus, you’ll receive hours of bonus video presentations from additional experts that we simply couldn’t cram into a single weekend.

It’s MUCH more content than we’ve ever been able to share at a seminar before and — because covid has created such financial hardship for so many — we’re pricing it at, by far, the LOWEST we ever have. We want you and as many people as possible to benefit from these critical insights!

If you register now, you’ll receive the Early Bird pricing of $179. But don’t delay, as we’re only able to offer this price until September 30.

AND, if you’re a Peak Prosperity premium subscriber, you receive an additional 15% discount (lowering the price to just $152.15). Just make sure you’re logged in to the site when making your purchase.

Despite the challenge posed by covid, we think this year’s seminar is already set to be our best ever in terms of speakers. And the line-up keeps getting stronger as the weeks go by.

Chris and I can’t wait to see you at this event.

But first, lock in your seat!


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Chris Martenson

Build understanding, encourage small actions, then align with solutions. Many people have asked us, "Where are the large-scale solutions to all the problems you have described?" and "What should we do as a nation to avoid the seemingly inevitable consequences of this fiat money system?" We believe that we must reach a critical mass of individuals and ensure that they have an understanding of the ideas presented in the Crash Course, before any national or global solutions will even be possible. Because we are still quite far from this tipping point of understanding, we must first focus on educating. Many people have already reached a place of understanding and assumed responsibility for their futures, but most have not. Once we have achieved a critical mass of people who understand the issues and have taken responsible actions as a result, solutions will find more fertile ground in which to take root. The theory of action: building understanding Solutions should come from a position of understanding. Understanding arises from awareness, and awareness arises from the ashes of denial. In other words, the stages of action are: denial >> awareness >> understanding >> solutions. It is not enough for people to be aware that inflation exists, or that our monetary system has flaws, or that resources are depleting. If effective actions are to be formulated, then understanding is essential.