Half Million People Evacuated in Oregon As Wildfires Spread, Arson Concerns Grow

Half Million People Evacuated in Oregon As Wildfires Spread, Arson Concerns Grow by Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge

Wildfires continue to rage throughout Oregon Friday morning, have killed at least three people and forced more than half a million from their homes.

AP cites data from the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, which shows about 12% of the state’s 4.2 million population, or about 500,000 residents, have been evacuated. As much as 1,400 square miles (3,625 square kilometers) have burned across the state this week. State officials said wildfire activity flourished Thursday afternoon in northwestern Oregon as hot weather and windy conditions fueled the fires.

The Northwest Interagency Coordination Center’s latest fire map shows there are many uncontained wildfires across the state.

Readers may recall the U.S. Climate Prediction Center confirmed a broad shift in a weather pattern across the U.S. last month, called La Nina, which has transformed the western U.S. into a tinder box.

“We’re already in a bad position, and La Nina puts us in a situation where fire-weather conditions persist into November and possibly even December,” Ryan Truchelut, president of Weather Tiger LLC, told Bloomberg. “It is exacerbating existing heat and drought issues.”

Gov. Kate Brown has declared a state emergency for the wildfires that extends into early November. She said Thursday, “this could be the greatest loss of life and structures due to wildfire in state history. ”

Even though La Nina has been confirmed, or depending on who you speak to, ‘climate change’, these have been some of the mainstream consensus themes of what could be fueling the fires. But, according to a new report via Reuters, arson investigators have been called to investigate fires as suspicion grows on the origins.

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