Lights Out Weekend – Are You Really Ready?

Lights Out Weekend – Are You Really Ready? by  for Modern Survival Blog

This guest article was originally published back during 2017. But the challenge still holds true. Practice a period of “Lights Out” (grid down) to discover the holes in your preps.

Guest article, by ‘NRP’…

“Practice” makes you better at what you do. Enables you to learn and know “how to do it”, and what to expect while you do it.

It’s common sense that practice makes perfect. Knowing what to do and what to expect when a skill-set is called upon (especially when least expected). It’s important, and probably critical for success.

I have done many “Lights Out Weekends” during the past few years. Now this may sound silly to some whom might ask, “Why would you spend a few days in the back yard or in the woods when you have a very comfortable house sitting right there?”

Well there’s an easy answer to that:
“When is SHTF going to happen?” Maybe when you’re home? Or away at work? Or in town, Or how about when visiting Aunt Martha 40 miles away?

One never knows; so is it not better to “practice” for “Lights Out?” (grid down)

A great book (novel) of a lights-out experience:
LIGHTS OUT by David Crawford

Would it be good to know if you are ready to spend a few days, OR LONGER, living out of your Get-Home-Bag (GHB) or your Bug-Out-Bag (BOB)? Or at home without the grid?

We all have seen many MANY lists telling us we need “this or that” in the BOB-GHB, right?

Well everyone has “lists”. I’m sure I’m on a few lists myself 😉 , BUT without using the skills, the “bags”, the “kits”, the “stuff”, the “practice”, how will you know how well you will fare when “something” happens?

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