Why Next Year Promises Big Things for Gold and Silver (Podcast)

Why Next Year Promises Big Things for Gold and Silver Podcast by Sprott Money

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It’s been a frustrating, dull, no-fun week, but precious metals investors have a lot to look forward to in the next year. Host Craig Hemke and legendary investor Eric Sprott break down all the gold and silver news you need to see the bright future ahead.

In this edition of the Weekly Wrap Up, you’ll hear:

  • Why there’s a “sobriety test” coming for the markets
  • What’s behind the runs on palladium and platinum
  • Plus: Eric answers your listener-submitted questions

“As I’ve expressed almost too many times, I tend not to believe the government reports that much… Let’s say we accept it as a bona fide number, the fact is, you’ve had to have the feds sit there and buy all the bonds, and the government run a huge deficit, and we squeeze out some jobs. What happens when those things have to stop someday? What’s going to happen then? And that’s by far the bigger question, because it determines the future of where we’re going…”

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