Growth in First-Time Gun Sales Has Election Implications

Growth in First-Time Gun Sales Has Election Implications By Ned Barnett for American Thinker

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More than a decade ago, my wife gave me – as a Christmas gift – a single share of stock for Ruger, a leading American gun manufacturer.  She gave our kids stock, too – each company chosen for their own particular interests. It was a great present.

But this gift led to something unusual.  Ruger issues dividends on a regular basis, and with only a single share of stock to my name, I’d often joke that it cost them more money to send me the dividend than it did to give me the dividend.  Some months this dividend was as low as eighteen cents, but usually it came in at around forty-two cents.  Still it was nice to know that “my company” was profitable.  However, today I got something new, something unprecedented.  I got a dividend check for $5.42 – about ten times the average payment.

That got me thinking.  Why so much?  Why now?

So I went looking, and found in Forbes, in an article called “Voting With Their Guns, reported that June gun sales were at an all-time record high.  The Washington Free Beacon noted that, in August of this year, there were yet another record number of guns sold – at least 1.6 million guns – which is up 43 percent from August of 2019.  This may be especially significant since virtually all gun shows have been closed by COVID-19, as have gun stores in states which didn’t deem legal gun sales “essential” in a crisis that was tearing at the very foundation of our nation.

Both sources agreed that four factors were involved.  People are worried about the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on our society.  Many people feel they are being besieged by the economic downturn that has left millions unemployed – and with no option of finding jobs.  Riots in the street, which began in June and have yet to abate, coupled with demands that the police be de-funded, are a third reason why first-time gun owners are buying guns.  And finally, millions of Americans are afraid that, if Joe Biden wins in November, they will lose the right to buy – or even own – firearms.  Those millions have been growing rapidly, as so many first-time gun buyers have evaluated the risks and elected to invest serious money into gun purchases and gun training.  And perhaps to support for re-election the President that takes positions which reflect the SecondAmendment and individual Americans’ right to keep and bear arms.

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