Central bank gold purchases slows to 8.2 tonnes in July

Central bank gold purchases slows to 8.2 tonnes in July by Neils Christensen for KitCo News

Central bank gold demand, a powerhouse driver for the gold market that saw record demand in the last two years dramatically slowed in July, according to the latest data from the World Gold Council (WGC)

In a report Thursday, the WGC said that the latest reserve data from the International Monetary Fund shows that central banks collectively bought 8.2 tonnes of gold in July, “the lowest monthly net purchases since December 2018.”

Looking at the buyers and sellers, the WGC said that Turkey bought 19.4 tonnes of gold in July, Qatar boosted its reserves by 3.1 tonnes, the Indian central bank bought 2.8 tonnes and Kazakhstan bought 1.9t. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan sold 11.6 tonnes of its gold and Mongolia sold -6.1 tonnes of gold. Mongolia has lowered its gold holding for the last three months.

The WGC also said that Germany and Russia lowered their gold reserves by 0.5 tonnes.

“Despite the lower level of growth in global official gold reserves in July, year-to-date central banks’ net purchases remain comfortably above 200 tonnes,” the WGC in the report.

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