Did it Really Take a Pandemic for People to Realize that Prepping Isn’t Crazy?

Did it Really Take a Pandemic for People to Realize that Prepping Isn’t Crazy? by J. G. Martinez for The Organic Prepper

My intentions with my articles are never to mock anyone. This article is no exception. On the contrary, I give kudos to those who (finally!) understand and have jumped onto the self-sufficiency wagon.

I know many funny memes are going around the prepping community regarding how “happy” some preppers are after finally getting the chance to face “the real thing.” It’s not that easy.

Many of Us Are Deeply Concerned About the Future

Sure we are better prepared to face all the hype and to sail the muddy waters. But, not even the most ignorant prepper (if someone who preps could be labeled as such) would be “happy” to endure any difficulty.

We have not even ended the first quarter of the recession. Yet, most of the world is feeling the devastating effects of the current economic situation.

I find it unnerving how many people had to be continuously bombed for months and months with the need to prepare and understand the real threat. Even though this happened on a worldwide scale!

The most visible indication of sheep getting “prepared” for Doomsday and SHTF is…toilet paper running out worldwide! W.T.F.?

I am sure whoever planned all this stuff has had a good laugh every time they think about this. And yes, I chuckle now too. Can’t avoid it.

Where Would I Be Without Prepping?

I don’t know.

My initial prep-steps were taken (two decades ago, maybe more, the mind setup was always there) to overcome problems on an extended motorcycle road trip. Still, at 12 years old, I took my Rudiger Nehberg’s book “Survival” with me on every trip. And the U.S. Army Survival Manual Spanish Edition from those years.

A deep and lasting impression was made on me. However, recent times have caused me to reevaluate how crucial hard cases are to keep gear intact and dry, for instance. And, the need to have the most resistant rope (tightly packed) and a tarp. And how necessary it is to learn how to tie a good knot.

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