Wait, Covid-19 Damages The Testicles?? (Video) – Dr Martenson

Wait, Covid-19 Damages The Testicles?? (Video) – Dr Martenson

First, let’s talk about bad tests.

The test kits currently being used to test for covid-19 infection are too different from one another, and many have sensitivities set so high that they are giving too many false positives. We need to standardize on tests that will actual give us accurate information.

Second, let’s talk bad testes.

The data is in, and it doesn’t look good for men who get sick with covid-19. Severe cases appear to do serious damage to the seminiferous tubules of the tests, which produce and regulate testosterone. We don’t yet know what the effect, lasting or otherwise, this damage may have on fertility.

But this underscores our longstanding advice: you don’t want to get this virus if you can avoid it.

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Chris Martenson

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