Did Trump’s Federalism Just Win Him the Election?

Did Trump’s Federalism Just Win Him the Election? Author: Tom Luongo for Gold, Goats and Guns

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For months we’ve been told that President Trump has trailed Democrat Joe Biden in the opinion polls. His odds of winning were vanishingly small.

From the moment the George Floyd protests turned into violent riots Trump refused the call of conservative pundits like Mike Cernovich and Ann Coulter to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1878 in Minneapolis.

They were wrong to jump the gun. Trump was being goaded into acting like a dictator which the Democrats would have pounced on him for. It was too early in the cycle.

He had to, politically, take a punch in the mouth and allow things to get out of hand. There was no good decision for him back in May.

The people were still fighting with the shock of the Coronapocalypse, stimulus checks were being mailed out and unemployment offices around the country were so overwhelmed they couldn’t process the claims quickly enough to make the weekly report even close to accurate.

Trump, rightly, prioritized that while making his opposition to the looting and rioting plain for everyone to see on his Twitter feed, while allowing the local officials the leeway to deal with the problems as they saw fit.

During two major concomitant crises Donald Trump acted as a President we’re supposed to have, one that governs via the principles of Federalism as laid out in the Constitution, rather than as a dictator.

He may have publicly upbraided New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his mishandling of the COVID-19 outbreak, but he didn’t usurp Cuomo’s authority.

New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio may have purposefully allowed parts of his city to burn and undermine the authority and legitimacy of his police force, but Trump didn’t send in Federal troops to quell the situation.

Rather he let DeBlasio and Cuomo hang themselves. Cuomo is done as he is now revealed to be a “Grandma Killer” for political reasons and under Dept. of Justice investigation for his actions.

DeBlasio is now finished, revealed as a hyper-sympathizer with BLM who has now left Manhattan out to dry, sparking a mass exodus out of the city which was already underway thanks to Trump’s SALT deduction removal under the tax cut from 2017 and the new normal of people working from home thanks to the official story that COVID-19 will kill us all.

The same thing happened in Minneapolis with the George Floyd riots and now Trump, according to the latest polling is up 5 points in Minnesota and six mayors of major cities there openly endorsed Trump’s re-election.

This segment from Tim Pool is really good, going over the dramatic shift in the polling (polling stuff begins at 4:16).

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