Defining Moment 2020: Tucker Carlson / John Pierce, Atty. for Kyle Rittenhouse

Defining Moment 2020: Tucker Carlson / John Pierce, Atty. for Kyle Rittenhouse

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We recently penned What Happened To Patriots and Patriotism – It Just Re-Entered The Room In A 17 Year Old Kid and attempted to paint a scene that unfolded in Kenosha, WI on Tuesday August 25, 2020. A minor came under attack by a violent mob that were armed and, allegedly, saying they were going to kill Kyle Rittenhouse. This part is still unclear, not only to us but to many other people as well.

We hope that you were able to catch the interview with Mr. Rittenhouse’s attorney, John Pierce, on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday August 31, 2020.

What happened in Kenosha, Wi. may be the most significant story of 2020. The implications of this situations can not be overstated. Two people are dead and another wounded. As of this writing no one has been charged with any crime except the alleged victim, Kyle Rittenhouse.

If you have seen the images, the videos of Mr. Rittenhouse and how he conducted himself under some of the most extreme pressure a human being can face and walk away calm, collected and “turned himself in to police” is something to marvel. His action and what happened are for someone else to judge but what he went through, what happened to him and the people that were harmed are the people that, allegedly, were attacking him! All three of the people that were shot all have criminal records. Kyle Rittenhouse, on the other hand, had just come from volunteering and had brought a first-aid kit to the protest to help anyone that may have been hurt! Thus far, no charges brought against the felony actions by the rioters, arsonist and looters. No charges brought against the man carrying a weapon and, allegedly, attacking Kyle Rittenhouse. No, no charges against any of these people, but not one second wasted in charging the 17 year old patriot defending himself, defending the community and defending the Constitution. If this weren’t so tragic it would be a comedy.

Watch this interview and pay attention to the facial expressions on both mens faces’.

This is a very good description of the events surrounding Kyle Rittenhouse as they unfolded.

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