Vladimir Putin – Interview with Rossiya TV channel

Vladimir Putin – Interview with Rossiya TV channel from The Saker

Vladimir Putin answered questions from VGTRK journalist and anchor of Vesti v Subbotu (News on Saturday) programme Sergei Brilyov.



Sergei Brilyov: Good afternoon, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.

Sergei Brilyov: No matter what else is happening, and no matter what area of life we discuss, this nasty coronavirus always looms somewhere in the background.

Vladimir Putin: That’s true.

Sergei Brilyov: What do you think about the notorious second wave that scares so many people?

Vladimir Putin: What is the second wave? We just talk about it in our everyday conversations or the media talks about the second wave.

Sergei Brilyov: Well, all of us have learned something over these past months, and the second wave has become a set phrase.

Vladimir Putin: A bit, yes, this is true.

In reality, this implies the development of an epidemiological situation. This is the terminology that the specialists suggest we use.

Sergei Brilyov: The situation is getting worse in Europe, more cases are being recorded.

Vladimir Putin: Of course, it is obvious, if we consider that it is the holiday season, and there are many people on the beaches and crowds in bars and restaurants.

Sergei Brilyov: No discipline.

Vladimir Putin: Yes, of course. All this individualism and a reluctance to respect the interests of an overwhelming majority of society members leads to an outbreak and a relapse that we are witnessing in some countries. I hope that, first of all, this will not happen, and that Europe and other parts of the world will cope with the situation.

On the whole, quite a few people in Russia have fallen ill, but we have one of the lowest mortality rates in the world. This is nothing but a manifestation of the national healthcare system’s readiness, our ability to mobilise and the timely nature of decisions to neutralise threats.

I would like to once again express my admiration with the work of our medics. In general, it is a tradition of all people in Russia, including Russians and other ethnic groups, to marshal their resources at the time of trouble. This is what happened this time as well. However, we must also give credit to the federal and regional authorities, which summoned the necessary resources for dealing with the main goals.

And then, as I have said more than once, we focused our attention on what matters the most – the life and health of our people. These common efforts and targeted and, as it turned out, very effective solutions have helped us to pass the peak of the epidemic and create conditions for further work.

However, I never miss an opportunity to say publicly…

Sergei Brilyov: You use this screen for doing this, for example, last Wednesday when you held a meeting with the Government.

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