How Vitamin D Could Be the Secret To Fighting The Coronavirus

How Vitamin D Could Be the Secret To Fighting The Coronavirus by Sara Tipton for Ready Nutrition

TDC Note – We added Vitamin D3 to our daily routine back in January when Wuhan Coronavirus was first reported – we will not stop taking it as the health benefits that we are experiencing are amazing. #END

Studies have shown that deficiencies in Vitamin D have a direct effect on the immune system.  Getting enough sunlight could be the one secret ingredient missing the fight against infections, such as the common cold or the coronavirus.

Since sunshine is still the best way for humans to get vitamin D, spend a little time in the sun with a little skin exposed. Be careful that you don’t burn, but some sunlight is necessary to get an adequate amount of useable vitamin D for people. On sunny days, go outside and soak up some of the “Sunshine Vitamin” – Vitamin D. It is unique in that it is a vitamin AND a hormone that your body can make with help from the sun. Research suggests that low levels of vitamin D are associated with mood disorders and depression.

Some vitamin D researchers have found that somewhere between 5–30 minutes of sun exposure between 10 AM and 3 PM at least twice a week to the face, arms, legs, or back without sunscreen usually lead to sufficient vitamin D synthesis. Indoor light therapy can help, too.

Vitamin D deficiency is not uncommon either. For now, there is sunlight without it being overly cold. Because we spend more time indoors during winter, it can be hard to get enough – which is why getting some sunlight is so important during the colder months, even though it can be tough.

Once winter hits, though, getting vitamin D while outside will be harder, especially for those who live in areas where temperatures can dip into the negatives. Your body’s vitamin D levels are at their lowest levels during wintertime because of this, and the end result is a lowered immune system and an increase in colds and flu.

If you can, try to still get outside even when it’s cold.

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