10 Things To Consider While Starting Out With Preparedness

10 Things To Consider While Starting Out With Preparedness by  for Modern Survival Blog

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Lets say you’re just getting started with preparedness. It may seem overwhelming. Where to begin? What to focus on? You may feel that you’re very far behind (because you’re just starting). You may have the urge to hurry up (mistakes happen when you’re in a hurry).

The following ten considerations may help you get started with all that:

In no particular order, except to have them in a list:

10 Ways To Get Started With Preparedness

1. Pace yourself.

Once you get started you might get so excited that you’ll concentrate too much and spend too much time (and money) on just one category of preparedness. This category may simply be whatever it is that you enjoy the most, or are most familiar with. Maybe you’ve been looking for an excuse to dump some time / money into a particular prep – and now that you’re officially getting started you might be tempted to go too far, so to speak 😉 Just keep that in mind and try to diversify your time and energies into a broader set of things that you can do for general preparedness.

2. Start with the basics.

Wait to invest time and money into fringe areas until you have a good start with the basics of general preparedness. You probably instinctively know what some of these basics are. And there certainly are many opinions regarding ‘the basics’, although some of them include:

>> Preparedness Level 1 – 4

3. Food Storage.

Begin with a solid 3-week supply of ordinary foods that you normally eat (or would eat) – preferably those which do not require refrigeration or freezer. Then build it to 3-months. There are a bazillion articles on this site about food storage:

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4. Drinking Water Filtration.

There are all sorts of reasons why you may suddenly need a good drinking water filter to avoid water contamination and/or to procure water for safe drinking from a non-conventional source. Decide on a good water filter and get one. It’s a good idea to have a good one for home use and another portable water filter for ‘on-the-go’.

>> The Best Countertop Water Filters

5. A simple Emergency Kit in your vehicle.

Without being overly elaborate, build yourself a general purpose e-kit to keep in your car. In a backpack (in case you have to walk out), this might include calorie-dense food-bars, maybe some MREs, water (water bottles), portable water filter, flashlight, Toilet Paper (you never know…), knife, cordage, compass, regional map, along with several other suggestions which are listed in some of the following various articles here on Modern Survival Blog:

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